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Grocery Gift Card Drive

As a direct result of financial stress, too many children and youth are going hungry every day in Calgary. With the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve had to adapt so we can provide immediate and meaningful solutions to support children and families that are affected today and through the coming months. With your support and that of our agency partners, we distribute $50 grocery gift cards to thousands of children and families facing immediate food insecurity all year long. In the summer months, we supplement our grocery gift cards with fresh, healthy food when school nutrition programs are no longer available.

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have provided nearly $1,000,000 in grocery gift card value to hungry kids in 136 communities across the city. If you can give, please do. Every dollar will make a difference to hungry children in Calgary today and in the weeks and months ahead.

Karen climbs for kids

On July 23rd, 2021, Karen will stand atop the summit of Mount Athabasca (3,491m) in Jasper National Park. Her challenging climb will raise awareness and money to help I Can for Kids tackle that mountain of childhood hunger every day. It’s a cause that is near and dear to Karen’s heart and purpose.

You can support Karen's journey by joining her on a training hike or simply by making a donation - every dollar raised is a step closer to the summit, a step closer to her fundraising goal.

Our mission to end child hunger

Kids in Calgary go hungry every day, but they don't have to.

I Can for Kids supports children and youth impacted by hunger all year long. By working closely with our frontline agency partners and other local experts, we have developed a unique understanding of local kids’ evolving needs and a unique approach to meet their needs. We are thoughtful in our approach, committed to quality, and focused on giving kids better access to the food they need with a greater sense of dignity and belonging. Our ‘CAN-do’ attitude is part of who we are, as is our passion to help ensure local kids are fed, stay healthy, and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Support Local Kids

We believe that access to healthy food is a human right. And right now, with more than 120,000 people living in poverty in our city thousands of children experience hunger every day.

If it wasn’t for school nutrition programs some children would go an entire day without a meal.

That’s why we founded the I Can for Kids Foundation. To address the need to feed thousands of children in this city when breakfast and lunch programs are out of reach. To try to fill that gap by nourishing bodies and minds with healthy food.

Our Impact

Food starts it all for our kids because fed kids can thrive. They learn and develop better, feel more connected to their peers and community, and are healthier now and as adults.

COVID-19 has pushed food insecurity levels to an all time high in Calgary, putting even more kids at risk of going hungry.

Undaunted by the challenges the pandemic presented, we pivoted quickly and effectively to provide a meaningful response to the growing food insecurity crisis.  With the support of our donors, volunteers and agency partners, we’ve fed over 28,000 kids in 136 communities across the city.

2020 Impact



“I am so grateful on behalf of Bethany Chapel to be able to partner with you to extend that hope to families where there already is anxiety and other issues, financial or emotional that they deal with. With this support of food and gift card, they are able to breath just a bit easier.”

- Mary D., Bethany Chapel

“I have worked in collaboration with the I Can for Kids program for many years and have seen firsthand the positive impact it has had on the families I serve at Patch. During these challenging times, I Can for Kids has been an incredible support in aiding the families we support to provide food and basic needs to their families. Thank you!”

- Patch Staff

“As a volunteer and concerned community member I have been very impressed by this gift card program. I have personally seen the positive response of parents to receiving a gift card to help with food for their children (from a safe distance). During this pandemic many families are under stress and for single parents there is no one to help share the burden whilst living in isolation. The cards help these people not only access food but serve as a reminder that they are not forgotten and that they are viewed as valuable members of our community.”

-Barb E. - Community Volunteer

“I just wanted to share our immense gratitude for the gift cards I Can for Kids has given our organization. While we have many individual stories to share, there are two significant things that stand out for us; one is our ability to buy milk, eggs, butter and other essentials so single moms and dads do not have to go to stores to purchase these items putting themselves and children at risk. Secondly, the look of appreciation on faces when we give a gift card to individuals and families who are able to go to a grocery store and choose their own supplies. It is so heartwarming and rewarding. They are sooooo grateful! Thank you!”

- Lynn M., SE Calgary Community Resource Centre

“As always, your smiling faces continue to be a beacon of light in the storm of COVID. Thank you again for all you do, and all you inspire others to do. This is just one of the many stories from the families that we have been able to support from your generous donations to the William Taylor school.”

“The food hampers and gift cards have really been helpful during this pandemic and without the help we would have really struggled to get by. My family and I greatly appreciate all the help and we don’t know what we would have done without it. The food hampers and gift cards helped relieve the stress and was just one extra thing off my plate that I didn’t need to worry as much about. Thank you so much for all of the support.”

I Can for Kids – locally founded, locally funded, and locally focused.

Our kids-first, partner-powered model ensures every dollar donated goes further and goes where it’s needed, feeding thousands of hungry kids in our community. But we can do it without you. Your donation today matters.